Cup & Plate Semi Final Draw

Hi all,

The draw for the Winter 2018 season Cup and Plate semi-finals have been drawn:


ESMC Santas vs Sturmer Red Lion
ESMC A vs Bull A


Rugby Club B vs Fox & Hound
Wratting Red Lion A vs Chestnut

Good luck everyone!

Winter 2018 Round 1 Cup Draw

Here’s the draw for round 1 of the cup in the Winter 2018 season.

Wratting Red Lion ‘B’ vs Bull ‘B’
Chestnut Tree vs ESMC ‘A’
ESMC ‘B’ vs Rugby Club ‘A
Sturmer Red Lion vs Wratting Red Lion ‘A’

Fox and Hound
Bull ‘A’
ESMC Santas
Rugby Club ‘B’

Good luck!

Round 1 Cup Game Handicaps

The handicaps for Round 1 of the summer 2018 cup games have been worked out, and they’re as follows:

  • 400 ESMC A
  • 350 Woolpack B
  • 300 Bull A
  • 300 Queens Head A
  • 250 Swan
  • 200 Woolpack A
  • 150 Wratting Red Lion A
  • 150 Wratting Red Lion B
  • 100 Chestnut
  • 100 Sturmer Red Lion
  • 50 ESMC B
  • 0 Bull B

The handicaps can also be found on our Fixtures page. Good luck to all teams!

Round 1 Cup Games Are Drawn

All of the games for round 1 of the cup have now been drawn! You can find the draws at the bottom of our fixtures page.

The following teams have a bye in this round:

  • Chestnut Tree
  • Bull B
  • Woolpack A
  • Ex Serviceman’s Club B

Good luck to all teams!