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Winter Darts Season AGM Highlights – 08.08.18

Staying two divisions with either 12 or 13 teams (Cock at Thurlow has a week to decide).
WRL B Promoted
Teams will play 3 times.
Rule added, A player once put on the sheet is not to be changed.
Div 2 comps to continue
Only the divisional players can play in their respective competitions
4 singles from each division to go through to finals night

Round 1 Cup Game Handicaps

The handicaps for Round 1 of the summer 2018 cup games have been worked out, and they’re as follows:

  • 400 ESMC A
  • 350 Woolpack B
  • 300 Bull A
  • 300 Queens Head A
  • 250 Swan
  • 200 Woolpack A
  • 150 Wratting Red Lion A
  • 150 Wratting Red Lion B
  • 100 Chestnut
  • 100 Sturmer Red Lion
  • 50 ESMC B
  • 0 Bull B

The handicaps can also be found on our Fixtures page. Good luck to all teams!

Round 1 Cup Games Are Drawn

All of the games for round 1 of the cup have now been drawn! You can find the draws at the bottom of our fixtures page.

The following teams have a bye in this round:

  • Chestnut Tree
  • Bull B
  • Woolpack A
  • Ex Serviceman’s Club B

Good luck to all teams!