League Rules

Please note that they will be updated as required for each season.

Here are the league rules for the Summer 2019 season.

Administrator: Andy Pordage, Tel 07814373772
Fixture Secretary:
Andy Pordage, Tel 07814373772
Result Secretary:  Mel Jones, Tel 07720208763

  1. Four players constitute a team.
  2. The Minimum throwing distance is 7ft 9 ¼ inches. The board should be 5ft 8in from the floor to the centre of the bull, with a fixed oche (mats must be secured). The board must be well lit and in match condition.
  3. All players who play in the league and cup games must be signed on by their respective clubs or have played for no other team (playing for your first team constitutes signing for that club). After the league has started if a team wishes to sign a new player they may do so in two ways: a. Print name and date it along with the players’ signature on the back of the result sheet.  b. By phoning the administrator. Players may be signed on the night and able to play that night only by contacting the Administrator for permission, this is however at the administrator’s discretion! (Signing so called “Superstars’” for specific games will not be accepted!)
  4. No player once he/she has played in the league can transfer or play for any other club for that season. The only concession to this rule being if a pub/club closes and they cannot find another venue to play the remainder of the season and must be agreed by a vote. Players are only eligible for knockout competitions if signed on during the first three quarters of the league season, and have played at least twice for their respective clubs!
  5. Only one Senior Men’s County player who have played for a county team in previous season (17/18) or this current season (18/19) may play for one team per night, you can sign as many on as you like but only one can play per night. The Administrator has got from the BDO lists of county players from Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Essex for those seasons above. If any player is not sure then contact the league administrator who can confirm prior to playing in any games.  The administrator will deal harshly with any team that breaks this rule. “Mistakes” or “I Forgotwill not be an acceptable excuse and will result in a penalty to be decided by the League Members (i.e. one representative from each team). It is the player’s responsibility to inform the administrator if he or she has played for any county teams from outside our area within the seasons 17/18 and 18/19, failure to do so will result in a penalty.
  6. All league fixtures to be played on Monday nights. If any team needs to cancel a game then the team concerned must contact the league administrator as well as the opposing team 24 hours prior to the match. If a team cancels a game less than 24 hours they will lose the game and the opposition with be scored with an 8 – 0 win and also the opposing captain will be awarded the captains’ cup win. If a team fails to turn up or give 24 hours’ notice there will be a £10 fine. Money will go to the nominated Charity.  
  7. In the event of less than four players turning up for their club the defaulting team lose the game/s they are short of. If both teams are short of players then the home team loses the game/s. Teams may play Pairs and Triples with less than the required number of players.
  8. Three points for a win and one point for a draw to be awarded. The club scoring the highest amount of points will decide the league. In the event of two or more teams having the same amount of points the league will be decided by a play off.
  9. Food will no longer be compulsory, if a team wishes to do food and run a bus stop then it is up to them and do not expect the same when away from home.
  10. Any player scoring more than the required number shall start to re-score from the number he/she had reached before throwing (bust back rule).
  11. Members from home team to score game.
  12. Players who score 100 or more in any league game to be recorded, high checkouts 100 + and 180’s in all competitions and any leg of under 12 darts to be placed in the allocated areas on the result sheet as trophies will be given out on finals night.  
  13. Only captain or vice-captain to play captains cup. This to be played first or last and should be started no later than 08.15 if played first. Players are asked to keep the flow of the match going and are asked to refrain from delaying games by going for a smoke or the bar when they are due to play.
  14. The draw for the Singles and Pairs to be made at the clubs/pubs for those players who have played in the first three quarters of the season. Once entered failure to attend the next round will result in exclusion and a ban on next season’s competition can be applied, the person who has been beaten in the last round will go through.
  15. The winning team is responsible for the result sheet, which must be uploaded to the website by Tuesday (i.e. the day following the game) at the latest. We would also like the sheets dropped off at the Bull by the following Sunday afternoon. Results sheets that arrive late, or do not arrive at all, will not be valid, and the losing team will get the points. If there is a draw, the home team is responsible for the results sheet, and if it’s not in on time, the home team will lose their points.
  16. Teams or players that win a cup or shield hold it for one season and are responsible for its safety and condition in which they received it. A trophy agreement form must be signed and you may be billed should it be lost or damaged.
  17. The league entry fee is £50 & £1 per player.   
  18. Home team to throw first in the odd numbered games and away team on the even numbered games. So the Home team throws first in leg one and three of game one with the away team throwing first on leg 2, this is then reversed on Game two of the Singles with the away team throwing first on legs one and three and the home team on leg 2 respectively. For the second leg of the Pairs and Triples then the throwing order is back to the top.  
  19. All venues will be supplied with a Charity Pot which will be collected at the end of each season. All Teams are required to raise a minimum of £40 for the nominated charity and to be supplied to the league.  
  20. The League Cup will be based on a handicap basis; teams will be ranked on where they finished the previous summer season, their current League position, and the players they have registered the week prior to the start of the first round of the cup. The ranking is provisional and subject to change up to the first round of the Cup. Players registered after the first round of the Cup will be ineligible for the rest of the Cup games for that season. The handicap difference will be added to each leg of the Cup. Teams who fail to fulfil a fixture will be excluded and the team they knocked out will be re-instated. The team with the highest handicap with throw for the Bull first in the first and third leg if required.

    Provisional Handicaps

    350 – ESMC A
    300 – ESMC B
    250 – Rugby Club
    200 – Bull A, SRL A
    150 – Bull B
    100 – Chestnut Tree
    50 – SRL B
    0 – Fox & Hounds

  21. Format of games: home team captain to put the first 5 singles on the result sheet first, prior to the start of the match. Away team captain to put their singles on a separate piece of paper. The pairs and triples are: home team put up on odd numbered games, and away team to put up on even numbered games (alternative put up). For further clarification please see the administrator.

    League Games

    1 x Captains Cup 501 (best of 3)
    5 x Singles 501 (best of 3)
    2 x Pairs 601 (best of 3)
    1 x Triples 701 (best of 3)

    Cup & Plates Games
    4 x Singles 501 (best of 3)
    2 x Pairs 601 (best of 3)
    1 x Triples 701 (best of 3)

    Singles and pairs individual cups: singles will be 501 (best of 3) and pairs will be 601 (best of 3).
  22. Any problems that occur during the season (i.e. cancelled games, etc.) shall be dealt with by the administrator and their decisions will be final.
  23. Any clarification on the league rules should be performed by the team captain or vice-captain, or the league administrator. If a team is unhappy with the result of a decision, they can request a league meeting for resolution to the problem.
  24. The administrator reserves the right to impose a ban for a set period of time for, or permanently exclude, a player who persues a course of action outside the rules set above.